Leisure centre crèche

Following the investment in the Dalgety Bay sports and Leisure Centre noted in our last update, works are now underway to expand the offering at the centre.  As the works began, concern was expressed that the crèche operated at the centre on Mondays to Wednesdays from 09:30-11:30 was to close. Following this concern being expressed, Cllr. Barratt met with Wendy Watson, the Chief Operating Officer of the Fife Sports and Leisure Trust to discuss crèche provision and to better understand proposed changes. It was confirmed that the Trust has operated five crèche services across their facilities including the drop in crèche at Dalgety Bay but that discussions are underway to change how some of these are operated and to end provision in Dalgety Bay. While disappointing, the change is in the context of reduced funding and a year on year decrease in uptake of the service.

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