Play park strategy

As noted in our Winter newsletter, Ward Councillors met recently to discuss the development of a play park strategy.  The intention is to develop a coherent approach to ensure play park provision meets the needs of communities while making best use of available resources.  The suggested approach is to give preference to ‘destination play parks’ and a phased removal of isolated and ageing swings, slides and roundabouts as they become dangerous without further maintenance.  As part of the strategy, the South and West Fife Area will have £500k to put towards investment in existing sites. The strategy will form a 10-year plan of and will inform planning decisions as well as investment decisions. There are 53 existing play park sites across the South and West Fife Area including 5 in Inverkeithing, 2 in North Queensferry, 1 in Hillend, 12 in Dalgety Bay and 3 in Aberdour.

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